Industrial, Agriculture and Water Research

The Energy Commission's Industrial, Agriculture and Water (IAW) research seeks to improve the energy efficiency of industrial processes, agricultural operations, and water and wastewater systems, and data centers. The IAW program accomplishes this goal by undertaking research, development and demonstration (RD&D) activities for promising practices and technologies. These activities reduce energy use and costs, help California to meet environmental challenges, cope with energy demand and reliability issues, achieve demand response, and accelerate the use of renewable resources

California's industrial, agriculture and water sectors use nearly 30 percent of all energy consumed in the state. These sectors are vital to California's economy and rely on an affordable and sustained supply of electricity and natural gas.

Each sector presents special challenges. Industry must keep low operating costs while maintaining environmentally clean and energy-efficient operations. Agriculture is highly dependent on electricity and natural gas for irrigation and post-harvest food processing. This sector can benefit from advanced irrigation and processing techniques for water conservation, water re-use and heat recovery. The reliable, low-cost availability of water is essential to California's economy and continued prosperity. The state depends heavily upon the energy-intensive conveyance of large volumes of this increasingly scarce resource across long distances. Finally, the impact of data centers and their attendant electricity consumption is rising as information technology becomes more prevalent in our economy.

These challenges are addressable by RD&D, technology transfer, and collaboration with California's public and private stakeholders.