RPS Verification for Retail Sellers

As part of its Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) responsibilities, the Energy Commission verifies the eligibility of renewable energy procured for each compliance period by load-serving entities, which include retail sellers, local publicly owned utilities (POUs), and all other entities serving retail sales of electricity in California that are obligated to participate in California’s RPS. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is responsible for compliance and enforcement activities for the retail sellers.

For each compliance period, results from the application of the verification analyses will be issued separately for retail sellers and local publicly owned electric utilities. Each compliance period, a final verification report for retail sellers will be transmitted to the CPUC to be used for its compliance and enforcement activities.

Compliance Period 1

The Renewables Portfolio Standard 2011-2013 Retail Sellers Procurement Verification Report presents the verification findings for 21 retail sellers, including investor-owned utilities (small, large, and multijurisdictional utilities), electric service providers, and community choice aggregators, for Compliance Period 1.

This report was transmitted to the CPUC on August 1, 2016 to use in determining retail sellers' compliance with the RPS. The Energy Commission does not evaluate retail sellers' progress in meeting Renewables Portfolio Standard procurement obligations.