California Retail Fuel Outlet Annual Reporting (CEC-A15) Results

The Petroleum Industry Information Reporting Act (PIIRA) requires all retail transportation fueling stations in California to file a Retail Fuel Outlet Annual Report (CEC-A15). These stations report retail sales of gasoline, diesel, and other transportation fuels. Sales data reported does not include commercial fleets, government entities, or rental facilities/equipment yards.

Number of Retail Fuel Stations by Fuel – Survey Responses

Reporting YearGasolineDieselE851PropaneNatural Gas3Total Stations
Survey Responses
Total Stations

Source: California Energy Commission
Stations by fuel type will not equal total respondents due to stations often dispensing multiple fuel types.
Note: 2013 information is currently unavailable. Staff is in the process of cleaning report submissions and plans to release this information by December 2016.

map of California counties colored to represent number of gasoline stations per county in 2015.  Data is also available at the link below titled 2015 CEC-A15 Results and Analysis

Retail Sales Volumes – Survey Responses (Million Gallons)

Reporting YearGasolineDieselE851PropaneNatural Gas2

Source: California Energy Commission

A15 Report Responses vs. Board of Equalization (BOE) (Million Gallons)

Reporting YearSurvey Responses% DifferencesBOEI TaxableSurvey ResponsesBOE5 Taxable

Source: California Energy Commission
Note: BOE tracks all gasoline and diesel sales in California for taxation purposes, but accounts for those sales at the finished fuel terminal level where taxation first occurs. Because of this, BOE gasoline and diesel sales have no regional dimension available. The CEC-A15 tracks fuel sales at the retail level, station by station, but since the current number of stations is constantly changing and the full station population is unknown, staff uses the total known BOE gasoline and diesel sales figures as a benchmark to achieve in data collection efforts. Differences in these two figures estimate the amount of sales underreported in CEC-A15 results.

map of California counties colored to represent gasoline sales by county in 2014.  Data is also available at the link below titled 2014 CEC-A15 Results and Analysis

California Annual Retail Fuel Outlet Report Results (CEC-A15) Spreadsheets

The following Excel files contain annual CEC-A15 results and analysis summarized in county level tables for station counts, gasoline sales, and diesel sales. Figures in the workbooks graphically display the gasoline sales and diesel sales tables.

Methodology for Estimating Stations and Sales

Using a statistical resampling methodology, staff estimates the total gasoline station population by matching gasoline sales reported by the California Board of Equalization (BoE). This is done by using a subset of the A15 reporting stations to estimate the characteristics of the missing fueling station population. Since large fueling retailer chains are easier to survey due to their visibility, the resampling is weighted toward smaller retailers as it is assumed they are the primary non-responders to this report.

1 According to the Air Resources Board (ARB), E-85 dispensed, in California, averages 83 percent ethanol and 17 percent gasoline.
2 2013 data is currently not available.
3 Natural Gas survey responses are measured in Gasoline Gallon Equivalent (GGE).
ISource: California Energy Commission (CEC) analysis of Board of Equalization (BOE) taxable gasoline figures.
5 Source: BOE taxable diesel figures which include taxable retail sales and taxable non-retail sales.